It seems that I have always been artistic and creative. When I was very young I filled sketchbooks with characters from Dr. Seuss and Tin Tin, Then as I began growing up I discovered science fiction and fantasy films and magazines such as Fangoria and Heavy Metal. I began constructing homemade costumes and weapons from whatever materials I could get my hands on, and my passion for creation began to take shape.

In my early twenties I stumbled into a job that would be the beginning of an amazing journey. The job was at a local carpentry shop that specialized in designing and building sets for film and television. It wasn’t long before I began taking part in the building, painting sculpting and set up of the sets and models the shop created.
After a few years I was given the opportunity to assist one of Vancouver’s leading Props Masters. From rig building to product handling, my problem solving and hands on artistic skills became an asset within the high pressure environment of the television commercial world.

As my own style developed and my professional network grew, I began to accept Art Directing jobs, making further use of my artistic and practical skills that I had acquired on set.

I became passionate about set building, special effects, rigging, drawing and model making and I began to enjoy success working with some very well known directors.

Seeing a project through from concept to reality is something that I bring thousands of hours of practical experience to, and it allows me to combine everything I’ve come to love about the process of bringing a project to life.