This was another typical Marcus Nispel Commercial. Huge-scale, fast paced, many demands, and lots of room to be creative. This was a one day shoot in downtown Vancouver, where we shot well over 15 setups in a matter of hours at multiple locations scattered over a 6-block radius.

This commercial involved a team of workers assembling living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms all over a city, which meant bringing traditional elements outdoors, and keeping them mobile. In this case, we had two 5-Ton trucks filled with modern furniture and set dressing.

As with many commercials we do with Marcus, it was necessary to have a team of dressers working dressing and wrapping sets as we went, making sure that the next sets were as prepared as possible before Marcus arrived and asked for or removed elements.

aside from the scale and pace of the job, some of the interesting elements for this job included locating the perfect and identical pair of trucks and trailers, designing and building a custom truck-mounted giant carpet spool, and designing several pieces of custom art / wallpaper for the different sets.

Directed by Marcus Nispel