Zales Diamonds

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to work with Marcus Nispel on many spots. They are always challenging and always rewarding. I find that working on his spots taxes me as a designer but also forces me to grow in different creative directions.

Prior to working with Marcus for the first time I was warned that he was a hard director to work for. I paid no attention to any of this and went into the project with an open mind. What I found was that Marcus is a Designer’s Director.

He gave me general direction and described the feel that he was going for, and After that it was up to me to find the layers and textures to bring to set for him to set the scenes within. I was very happy with the way everything looked and so was Marcus. We have worked together many times since then and every time it is a great experience.

For the Commercial below, one of our many locations was a romantic 300’ x 300’ winter wonderland created in Stanley Park, Vancouver, in the middle of August. Marcus seemed to take a perverse pleasure in dressing all the talent in wool coats.

Directed By Marcus Nispel